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Here you can find the directions to the event location

Ludwigstraße 23
35390 Gießen


• By train/ on foot (ca. 15 min)

When you arrive at the main station in Gießen, cross the bus station and turn left into 'Bahnhofsstraße'. At the crossroads behind the post office follow the road 'Liebigstraße'. Cross the road 'Frankfurter Straße' at the next crossing and follow it to the left. In front of the river, turn right into the street 'Alicenstraße'. Follow it to the end and turn left. Now you are in the 'Ludwigstraße'. Follow the street until you see the university main building on the right side

• By train/bus/ on foot (ca. 10 min)

When you arrive at the main train station, walk to the bus stop which is directly along the railway tracks (not the bus station behind). You can take bus 17 or 24 to the station 'Johanneskirche'. Now you follow the road (same direction as the bus continues) and turn right into 'Goethestraße'. Follow the street until you see the university main building in front of you.

• By car

Choose the exit 'Gießen-Schiffenberger Tal'. Turn left and drive about two kilometres in the direction of Gießen-Stadtmitte - first on the 'Schiffenberger Weg', then on 'Bismarckstraße'. Turn left into Stephanstraße. The car park entrance is on the right side after about 100 meters. The main entrance is located on the other side of the building. Please note that the car park facilities are very limited due to construction works and may only be available for JLU staff members. Public parking places are limited. A parking garage can be found in nearby places. Please check the website of the Giessen city council for more details.