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Welcome to our website for the „Sustainable Food Systems – going beyond Food Security“ on 07.02. and 08.02.2020 in Giessen, Germany. All information regarding the Symposium will be updated on this website and replace the old one!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us via jlu.food@posteo.net or the contact formular on the right.

25.03.2020 Update:

Most presentations are now available as downloads.

30.01.2020 Update:

Guidance for presenters have been published.

Programm and workshop descriptions have been updated.

19.01.2020 Update:

The preliminary workshop descriptions have now been published.

9.12.2019 Update:

• Bank details have been updated for your registration fee! (See Details) 

• Workshop structure has been updated (Go to Programme)

17.12.2019 Update:

Accommodation suggestions have been added (Go to Accommodations)


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