Accommodation in Gießen

Here you can find some suggestions for accommodation in Gießen.

Special conditions are given in the following hotels. Use the keyword "Food Symposium Giessen":

Best Western Plus, Hotel Steinsgarten Gießen, Hein-Heckroth Straße 20, 35390 Gießen: Non-Smoking Hotel! Breakfast included: Single Room: 90-100€/Night (Website BW Hotel Steinsgarten)

Hotel am Ludwigsplatz, Ludwigsplatz 8, 35390 Gießen: Breakfast included, Single Room: 89€/Night, Double Room: 109€/Night (Website Hotel am Ludwigsplatz)

Gästehaus Wilhelma, Wilhelmstraße 3, 35392 Gießen: Shared bathroom and kitchen; Single room: 35€/Night, Double Room: 55€/Night (Website Gästehaus Wilhelma - German website only)

City Hotel Gießen, Kreuzplatz 2, 35390 Gießen: Breakfast included, Single Room: 75€/Night, Double Room: 100€/Night (Website City Hotel Gießen)

Further accommodations without special conditions:

DJH Youth Hostel Gießen, Richard-Schirrmann-Weg 53, 35398 Gießen (Website Youth Hostel)