Welcome to the global citizen science project on

Food Systems in times of COVID-19


Food systems are not static and are transitioning quickly as can be observed during the ongoing pandemic. Anecdotal evidence is shared on various social, governmental and United Nations platforms indicating changes in dietary behaviour during lockdowns.

This project aims to identify how our dietary behaviour changes and how this may affect our food systems, our food and nutrition security. We are also interested to learn about creative ideas with regards to food sharing, utilizing available resources and opportunities and challenges in the current food systems which support or hinder sustainable diets.

This questionnaire collected data on our food environment, food choices, food access and supporting mechanisms. The data will be public good and be made available upon request for non-commercial use, i.e. approx. in November 2020. Any personal information will be stored separately on a secured server at the Justus Liebig University Giessen (www.uni-giessen.de).

The survey has now been closed and data analysis is ongoing. In case you have more to share please contact us via our proxy email: jlu.food@posteo.net

We thank all participants for their responses and will publish now irregularily first findings HERE!

Best regards

Dr. Irmgard Jordan

Center for international Development and Environmental Research (ZEU), JLU Giessen, on behalf of the project partners