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Welcome to our website on sustainable food systems. Food systems are not static and are transitioning quickly as can be observed during the ongoing pandemic. Anecdotal evidence is shared on various social, governmental and United Nations platforms indicating changes in dietary behaviour during lockdowns. A team of international nutrition and food (policy) scientists have therefore designed a global citizen science project to identify how our dietary behaviour changes and how this may affect our food systems, our food and nutrition security. We are also interested to learn about creative ideas with regards to food sharing, utilizing available resources and opportunities and challenges in the current food systems which support or hinder sustainable diets. If you are interested to learn more about the project please check here.

The „Sustainable Food Systems – going beyond Food Security“ was held on 07.02. and 08.02.2020 in Giessen, Germany. It was a great event with around 100 guests representing 23 different countries. Of these we had around 40 guests from different GOs, NGOs and United Nations. Half of the guest were PhD students currently doing their research in nutrition, agriculture and related fields.

If you have any questions to our work on food systems don't hesitate to contact us via jlu.food@posteo.net or the contact formular on the right.

11.10.2020 Update

Survey has been closed and analysis is ongoing - watch out for the findings here!

11.05.2029 Update

Interim Results of the Global Survey will be published regularily from today onwards

28.04.2020 Update

Questionnaire on Food Systems in times of COVID-19 is now available in Chinese characters and Spanish

20.04.2020 Update

Global Citizen Science Project questionnaire on Food Systems in times of COVID-19 is now available in English and German

25.03.2020 Update:

Most presentations of the food systems symposium are now available as downloads.

30.01.2020 Update:

Guidance for presenters have been published.

Programm and workshop descriptions have been updated.

19.01.2020 Update:

The preliminary workshop descriptions have now been published.

9.12.2019 Update:

• Bank details have been updated for your registration fee! (See Details) 

• Workshop structure has been updated (Go to Programme)

17.12.2019 Update:

Accommodation suggestions have been added (Go to Accommodations)