First results/ Erste Ergebnisse

Global Survey on FoodCOVID-19

Vielen DANK an alle, die bereits mitgemacht haben! Thank you to all who already participated!

Die ersten Daten wurden veröffentlicht - the first results were published.

Changes in Vegetable Consumption in Times of COVID-19

—First Findings From an International Civil Science Project:

  • Change in vegetable diversity
  • Change in vegetable consumption over time
  • Places used to purchase food in Germany (114-5-2020)
  • Food shopping environment of survey participants
  • Any change in roles in food purchasing?
  • Countries participants reported from.... (14-5-2020)
  • Gender distribution
  • Perceived change in dietary behaviour... (10-5-2020)
  • Average time spent on meal preparation...
  • Perceived change in nutritional status